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[text] So we successfully lit our bathtub on fire. Thought you should know.




[text] this is definitely a wrong number but i am very interested

[text] i get it if youre all stranger danger but please tell me how you accomplished this so im not tempted to try on my own

«Ouch— fuckin’ hell!» Oliver jolted awake and rubbed his head where Jack’s push had bashed his head against the wall. He squinted up at Jack as he sat up, then groaned when he realized where he was.

«Goddamn, bathtub boy,» he scowled. «First you fall asleep on me, now you’re tryin’ to break my face? Some thanks for puttin’ out your drunken fire.»

"Wait what?" Jack blinks at him in some confusion, then rubs his temples as he tries to remember exactly what happened last night. “Okay, yeah, I remember a fire. I think I just barely remember texting you? But you came over?” So he didn’t remember that.

Jack runs a hand through his hair and exhales slowly, then pulls his phone from his pocket. He checks his messages, clarifying to himself that he had indeed invited the boy over, and then to check the time.

"Oh fuck." Jack jumps up, wincing at the sudden movement. "You better get home. My mom is gonna be here in an hour and I need to clean up the bathroom."

Oliver grimaced sympathetically. He was far from happy with being so rudely awoken, but the kid’s mom was gonna give him enough shit without Oliver adding to it. He stood and stretched hugely, then moved to shove the fire extinguisher back into his backpack and retrieved his motorcycle helmet from the hallway.

«See ya ‘round, snowflake,» he called back towards the bathroom, letting himself out the front door and climbing onto his scooter.

I'm thinking I should come back when there's a little less drinking.




"Considerin’ there really ain’t nowhere you can go, I suggest yah just take a seat and ride it out." The snow spirit beams crookedly over at the boys, then nudges glasses of alcohol towards them. "Give it a try!"

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A small knock sounds on the door to the Frost's house and when the door opens, Jackson stares at Spade. "C-Can I talk to you? It's really.. important, please."




«Jackson?» He blinked in surprise, then stepped aside to let him in. «What’s wrong, are you hurt?»

He was understandably concerned; the boy had little contact with the family as of late, and if he was turning to Spade for help it had to be something big.

«You’re not goin’ home like that.» Spade said firmly. He stood and reached out to him. «You’re tipsy, an you just finished tellin’ me that impairs your judgement badly. You need to talk to someone, so talk to me a while.»

Jackson takes a step away from him. “I thought you’d have been on m’side.” He mumbles, gazing at Spade with eyes that held the hurt of slight betrayal. “I didn’t wanna have sex with him, not when he’s with that guy.” His words were slow, thick. “I gave ‘im my virginity ya know. All ‘cause a drunken one night stand.”

He sounded severely hurt. He’d always been taught that virginity was important and there was always the talk of it in town and how girls and boys shouldn’t sleep around and should wait for the person they were set up with. And here, Jackson had given it to Mike, even though they hadn’t been together.

«You didn’t give him shit, kid, sit down. Now.» His voice took on a rare tone of authority.

«I’m not against you, Jackson. I understand why you’re hurt, an’ how you feel about that stuff ‘cause a when you came from. But I need you to calm down a little, let me talk this out with you.»

[text] Does me being hung over take away from how professional I can be today?




[text] Jack. Tell me you didn’t. Our presentations have been scheduled for a month!

[text] Are you still at your dorm? We’ve still got an hour to prepare, I can bring you coffee? Tell me you finished your notecards and didn’t lose them.

Adam grimaced sympathetically. He didn’t drink often but he could imagine what that night must’ve felt like. He shifted a little to put his notecards aside and massage Jack’s shoulders, pressing deep into the muscle to relieve the tension.

"Do you remember at all who it was?" He was a little curious, and grateful to the stranger for taking Jack back to his room and not taking advantage.

Jack melts under his touch, giving in to the relaxation and practically slumping into Adam happily. “Mmm, well…” His voice was soft and drifting into a happy hum and he pretty much shifts himself between Adam’s legs, shoulders drooping comfortably. “Huh, no, no I don’t, but I think it was definitely a guy and he was such a lovely kisser.” 

"Oh no, don’t you fall asleep on me Jack! Drink the coffee, or so help me I’ll pour it over you." He sounded exasperated but amused, nudging his friend into action.

Adam wondered idly if the boy had been anyone he knew at the school. He wasn’t sure if it was likely. He knew plenty of people to some extent, being a generally friendly and helpful person, but his crowd tended not to be the party type and few were close enough to be considered real friends.

                i plead with you, god          

                                                    give them back to me.

Whenever you’re going through a bad day just remember, your track record for getting through bad days, so far, is 100%; and that’s pretty damn good.

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43. Pack of bubblegum

       Nova tugs out a small pack of gum from her pocket, handing it over to the boy. “You might want that. It’s always nice to chew gum after you’ve done stuff with your mouth.” The corner of her lips curve up in a slight smirk, and her brown eyes gleam in amusement. “Nice work.”

Oliver watched him go with a frown. That had most definitely been a threat, thought why Angel would go so far for their boss he didn’t know. The boys finished dressing and applying makeup, then headed towards the room with fifteen minutes to spare, intending to stretch.

Payton was just leaving a room, hair a mess and makeup slightly smeared. She smirks as she moves to get past Oliver, stopping to look him up and down. “You’re the new guy around here, right? The human~ I’d shake your hand, but I’ve got to wash up. It got wild in there.” She laughs at her own words. “Good luck, kid, and welcome aboard.”

Oliver grinned at her, used to the banter between workers at his old place. Just because Angel didn’t seem to like him much didn’t mean none of the others would. He liked that Payton could laugh so easily.

«Name’s Oliver, first client in fifteen minutes. You’re Payton?»

He knew to keep the encounter short so she could clean up before inevitable stains set in, but he wanted to get off on a good foot with someone.