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Wha-... what the fuck is going on?




«I saw you change.»
The voice echoed from other side of the room, sounding grudgingly curious.
«Wolf one minute, person the next. How’d you do that?»
There was a sound of the rustling of enormous wings and the unmistakeable clink of chain, followed by a low curse as the owner of the voice attempted to get closer to the bound captive, but was forced to stop just out of sight in the shadows. There was a just visible gleam of strange dark eyes in the darkness as the person raised himself to a crouch to peer up at Ryoko.
«More to the point, could you do it again?»

Spade winced at the hot breath and the snap of jaws so close but grinned widely as he felt his chains fall away.

«Excellent,» He purred as the bonds landed in pieces around his feet, taking with them the cuffs that had covered his hands. The spirit flexed his newly freed extremities, his fingers blackened as if dipped in soot. The movement seemed to bring a strange new life into him, and he licked his lips as inky black wings flared open behind him.

He pushed off into the air and shot towards the grate, reaching it just as a door burst open and half a dozen shouting people flooded the chamber. His hands crackled with magic and he slammed one into the grate, knocking it loose with a clang and a shower of sparks. He watched them fall, one hand already hooked out the hole, and his gaze fell again on the wolf.

If he chose, he could leave her.

It would be easy, and practical. She was dangerous and he didn’t need someone else to take care of, if she didn’t kill him she would only slow him down— but she had freed him.

He ground his sharp teeth and released his hold, dropping like a stone for a few feet before swooping over the group growing bolder at the edges of the room.

«Wolf, change back!» he shouted over the clamor. There would be one shot at this; any more, and they’d both be caught again. Spade dove for her, reaching out one blackened hand.

> You snarl loudly, soon watching the birdboy [that’s what your blinded mind would refer to him as right now] sprung up into the air. But, the moment that dungeon door came swinging open, you snapped your blood-thirsty attention towards the men. A scream erupted from the depths of your chest again. You lunged forward, crushing a few of them with your massive paws, causing blood to splatter all over the walls as you snatched one into your mouth before thrashing about, digging your fangs into the now defenseless guard. His hot blood spilled down your throat. It tasted so good.

> However, when Spade called out to you, your yellow eyes fixated on him. What was he saying? You couldn’t understand. Change back? What did that mean? Suddenly, you felt a sharp pain sink into your side and you howled out in pain, causing you to drop the now dead guard. One of those damn humans stabbed you just under your ribs. You writhe about, backing away from them, and crying out in agony. You felt sick and weak now, soon the chambers grew bigger. You’d changed back, and the pain in your side had only grown more immense.

Spade couldn’t tell if it was his shout or the wound to Ryo’s side that had made her turn back, but but either way he was damn lucky she did. He managed to hook her under the arms in his swoop and lift her off the ground, and though her added weight slowed their ascent they made it through the hole left by the grate and out into the air.

Spade gave a whoop of victory as they sped away from the compound, and he soon rose high enough to release Ryo and catch her again to carry her bridal-style.

«Hey, don’t shit yourself sweetheart,» he teased, glancing down at the injured figure in his arms. «How bad is that scratch of yours?»

[Text]: Come over to my place and play strip poker




[Text] how bout strip go fish, I’ve had enough math today

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<<I never hated you.>> Human AU?




{I was thinking Frost, but I think Jack might work better for this situation.

Oh, well wasn’t that a relief. At least, it should have been. Here Jack was, falling for someone who always treated him like he disliked him. Here he was, letting himself fall this hard over this boy even though he already had Adam. Right?

"I guess I should be happy about that?" He questions, then nods to himself. Right. Relief. Oliver didn’t hate him. Oliver was just… Oliver. "So what was it?" He counters. "You just wanted to confuse me? Wanted to make me think you hated me?” He takes a step towards him, blue eyes gazing at him. “Well let me tell you, Oliver.” He jabs his chest. “You confuse me. You confuse me like no one else. You make me feel this…this stupid adoration and love for you, but you push me away and make me feel like you hate me.

Then you show up and tell me you never hated me?” Jack shakes his head. “What game do you think you’re playing with my heart? With my feelings?” He wasn’t even angry at Oliver. He was just confused and this new information gave him hope he knew he shouldn’t have. “Well let me tell you, sir, you’ve got to prove it to me. I don’t want some stupid words. Fucking prove it.”

Oliver’s face lit up at the magic word, and Adam laughed as they sat down.
«Breakfasts, does that mean—»
"Pancakes?" Adam finished for him, and Oliver nodded, eyes wide.

Jack chuckles. “Yeah, pancakes. I’m guessing that’s your favorite food?” He relaxes back into his seat and watches the two of them, a soft, happy smile on his lips.

«Chocolate chip pancakes! They were the first thing Adam ever made for me.»
Adam blinked and looked back at Oliver. “I didn’t think you remembered that. Is that why they’re your favorite?”
«That, an they’re the best tastin’ things on the planet. Apart from you an Jack, anyway,» he said innocently, hiding his smirk with the menu. Adam burst into laughter.

times up




Adam felt the timer stop rather than saw it. The ticking beneath his skin that had been present for as long as he could remember, the white noise that formed the background of his life, simply ended. Despite the full classroom and the friendly chatter around him he felt the silence settle into him like a living thing—or in this case, more aptly, a dead one. He forced himself to push down the cold swell of dread and focus instead on the surprise, on the fact that this knowledge was a foreshadowing rather than a death sentence.
He blinked at the boy who’d asked to borrow a pen, gray eyes meeting blue behind the lenses of his thick glasses, and after a moment forced an easy smile onto his pale face as he nodded. He considered the stranger as he dug for a spare; he was unusual looking with his white hair and bright eyes, but not unpleasantly or threateningly so. He could make the most of this. Just because this boy would lead to his end didn’t mean he was a murderer. There was no reason they shouldn’t get along.
He passed the pen to his classmate with the same smile, genuine this time if a little nervous.
“I’m Adam, Adam Arrow. What’s your name?”

"It’s not your fault, and you don’t have to stay away," Adam said firmly. Oliver tried to protest, but the older boy turned on him. "He’s not going to murder me, stop that! Remember everything you just said? We can all get along!"
Oliver grumbled, but relaxed a little reluctantly. «Who was your timer, Jack?» He asked.

"Timer hasn’t gone off yet." He admits, lifting his sleeves enough to show the countdown; four days. "I’ve still got a couple days, and it makes me nervous." He shrugs slightly. "Probably won’t get lucky enough to know the person, or get to know them. Probably some stranger, like you said."

He shoves his sleeve back down and watches the ground as he walks.

"Hey." Adam caught his hand lightly, brushing a thumb over his fingers. "There’s no use worrying, love. Why don’t you come out with me that day?" He watched him hopefully.
Oliver looked at him with a strange expression, but didn’t comment.

character missing for months, yours finds them chained up barely alive in the basement of mutual acquaintance:"Y-You– what did you do to him? What the hell did you do?" Adam whirls on Frost, fear & betrayal flashing across his face as an undercurrent of the anger he felt at the sight of Jack bruised & bloodied. Adrenaline had flooded his veins when Frost suggested a tour of the basement, warning signs in his head flashing, & now he was in full on red alert. "You helped us /look/ for him—"




Frost’s face twists into anger. “You left me so you could go mess around with him.” He snaps and reaches out to grab Adam’s upper arm. “Someone who looks similar to me! You love me, Adam, and I love you, and no one can stand in the way of that.” His voice was low and angry, but underneath that was a pleading. “I can get rid of him and we can be together again. I’ll take such good care of you. You’ll be my good little boy again.”

Adam took the bottle and poured the pills into his palm. They were small and pink, harmless looking in his shaking hand. He hoped Frost would take the jar with them, wherever he was planning on taking Adam. They must be powerful to do what he wanted. He checked the label; the dose was two pills, but at least three wouldn’t be enough to hurt Jack badly.

He filled a glass of water at the tap, then turned to Jack.

“I need you to trust me, Jack. I need you to do this for me, so you’ll be safe. You’re going to the hospital to get better, Oliver will take care of you.”

His eyes were pleading, desperate. Jack’s condition could be worsening by the minute, and Adam just wanted him to be far away from Frost to heal.

The white haired boy shakes his head, refusing. He reaches out, weakly grabbing Adam’s arm. “Please, Adam, I can’t lose you.” He knew he would. And that scared him more than anything in the world. And Oliver would never forgive him for letting Adam go so easily. No, Jack wouldn’t give in without a fight, even if it meant dying.

"I’m getting impatient." Frost declares quietly, his voice warning Adam.

The quiet comment may as well have been a slap to the face for the way Adam reacted to it.

“For fuck’s sake, Jack, take the damn pills.” His voice cracked and he flinched at the sound. “Please, please don’t make this worse for yourself.” His gray eyes were pleading, begging him to take the easiest way out before Frost could do something worse.





20: Your muse walks in on mine crying

“Frost?” Adam stopped dead in his tracks coming back from a shower, taken aback by the sight of his boyfriend doubled over on his bed, the heels of his palms pressed into his eyes and his frame shaking with sobs. His eyes flickered to his clothes on the end of the bed and back to the boy before hitching his towel a little tighter around himself and taking a seat beside Frost. He was uncomfortable in this state of undress but Frost came first, always. Adam reached over and rubbed his back soothingly, tucking himself close to Frost’s side like he always liked Adam to be.

"What’s wrong, what can I do for you?"

Adam knew better than to question Frost, simply leaning into the touch and letting him speak. He stood when he was told, allowing himself a moment to waver on unsteady legs, then drew away.

“I’ll keep to myself next week, and work extra hours at the bakery. I’ll be around when you want me,” he assured Frost, leaning to retrieve his clothes where they’d fallen to the floor. “What time am I coming over?”

He glanced over at Frost, then focused on fastening his binder and tugging on his long sweater. It was too warm for the weather, but Frost liked how it hid his form from everyone but him. Like unwrapping a present, he’d said.

"What would you like me to wear, or bring?"

Frost nods, pleased by his answer, then considers the question. “Midnight. Sneak out, and wear my favorite outfit.” His lips curve up into a half smirk, before he stands. “We’re going out.”

He had it all planned. If it would be the last time he sees Adam for a week, then he fully intended of making it worth it.

Midnight was a later meeting time than usual; it meant Frost had something special planned, and Adam knew better than to ask what. He should really say no; he had a huge test the next day and his sleeping schedule was less than favorable between schoolwork and sneaking out so often. Frost probably knew it too, so of course Adam couldn’t let him down. What was one failed test compared to an unhappy boyfriend?
The thought of Frost’s favorite outfit on him made his stomach twist but he nodded anyway, making up his mind. He finished tying his shoes and stood, catching his hand and pressing a kiss to his knuckles.
"I’ll be there."




Basically they just added the ability to have a “Custom” gender as opposed to male/female where you can…


let me just tell you. the easter bunny is real, all right. real grumpy. real annoying. and really full of himself




Not many people know the stereotypical heart shape was meant to be two hearts fused together

Hey there. History nerd here… not many people know this “fact” because it’s not true. The universal heart shape we recognize today has nothing to do with the heart, actually. It has to do with early Roman birth control.

The Romans used a plant called silphium to prevent pregnancy. It was so effective that it became a critical part of Rome’s economy and daily life. It was literally so important to their culture that the image of it’s seed were even imprinted on currency.

It’s the exact shape of the heart we know today, and this is the first time it’s visage was ever recorded in history. It was so important to them, and so highly prized that they actually drove the plant into extinction by over harvesting it for use.

This shape was so ingrained in their society’s conscious as a symbol of sexual liberation that it became associated with all aspects of intimacy, eg. sex, unity, and love.

It’s not two hearts sewn together. It’s an ancient plant that Romans used to have gratuitous amounts of sex before condoms were around.

how romantic